About the Monarch Butterfly Habitat Volunteer Committee

The Monarch Butterfly Habitat Volunteer Committee (MBHVC) was formed in 2010 to manage, stabilize and restore conditions for increasing the number of monarch butterflies at the Nipomo overwintering site.

Judy Richards
Judy Richards

The MBHVC is a chartered committee reporting to the Woodlands Master Association, which oversees the community development at Trilogy at Monarch Dunes.  The committee is made up of volunteer residents who manage the entire nineteen acre site.  Its members also provide community education about the monarch migration and the importance of maintaining overwintering habitats along the central coast of California.  And the MBHVC allocates funds from an endowment created to ensure the continued maintenance and preservation of the Monarch Dunes Butterfly Habitat.  Butterfly enthusiast Judy Richards helped create the committee and has been its chair since its inception.

Under the guidance of monarch habitat consultant Kingston Leong, members of the MBHVC evaluate the status of the habitat at frequent intervals and make annual improvements to the grove.  Wind, temperature and solar radiation measurements are taken weekly throughout the overwintering season, especially during storm activity.  (Click here to see the Environmental Data Collection Sheet.)  Butterfly counts are also recorded weekly.  (Click here to see the Butterfly Data Collection Sheet.)  Then, the environmental information and the butterfly counts are entered into a computer program we developed specifically to allow us easy comparison of annual data.  With this knowledge, the committee hopes to create and maintain an environment suitable for winter aggregations of monarchs from November through March every year.


Last updated 24 May 2013.