Historic Counts at the Monarch Dunes Butterfly Habitat

SeasonClustering DurationHigh CountArea
2016-2017Nov - Feb4,250 Secondary cluster area
2015-2016Nov - Feb4,650 Secondary cluster area
2014-2015Oct - Feb5,125 Secondary cluster area
2013-2014Oct - Jan5,150 Main cluster area
2012-2013Nov - Feb5,000 Main cluster area/secondary cluster area
2012 Jan - Feb10,000Murphy Trail area, adjacent to habitat
2011 Nov - Dec10,000Main cluster area/secondary cluster area
2010-2011Dec - Jan1,500 Main cluster area
2005-2006Nov - Jan50 Main cluster area

Construction of Trilogy at Monarch Dunes and creation of Monarch sanctuary

1999-2000 Nov - Jan                           60,000            Main cluster area                                           


Last updated 25 Apr 2017